Fund A Need Grant Request

New Fund-a-Need Guidelines

Each classroom teacher may ask for up to $250 (per teacher per Fund A Need cycle October/March)

building may ask for up to $500 for each request (includes grade level, multi-grade levels, PTO/PTA, services groups, or departments within the building)

group may ask for up to $1000 for each request (includes multiple buildings, service groups, or extracurricular organizations) 

The district may ask for up to $1500 per program/curriculum extras

We have different endowments that would allow us to spend funds that are specifically designed toward fund advisors’ focuses.

These focuses include:

Grants are open March 1 - 22 and October 1 - 22 every school year.  If your grant is funded or partially funded you will receive a letter and check from A+ in mid-November and/or mid-May.  Even if your grant is not approved, it will be placed on our website for consideration by outside funding. We encourage you to reach out to your community and social media groups for additional support.

  • Fine Arts and musical development
  • Business and Accounting
  • Elementary School Social Studies and Geography
  • Reading
  • Early Childhood and/or At-Risk Students