Excellence In Education



The Excellence in Education Banquet took place in March at the Aurora Country Club, celebrating the top 5% of the graduating class of 2023 from West Aurora High School. This special event acknowledges the outstanding academic achievements of these graduating students and their most influential educators. The award is dedicated to recognizing the academic accomplishments of the top 5% of the graduating senior class, highlighting the support from parents and educators. Each honored student selected the educator who had the most significant impact on their academic journey, encompassing teachers from elementary, middle, and high school, as well as music and dance instructors, mentors, tutors, coaches, and club sponsors.

CLASS OF 2023: Excellence in Education Scholars

Karla Aguayo

Caleb Ainsworth

Madison Ainsworth

Andrew Bacarella

Delaney Bastian

Nemesio Bercasio

Kaylee Blaha

Amber Braun

Alexis Brizzolara

Lauren Casey

Nani Castaneda

Avery Contreras

Gizelle Corral

Tristan Diekman

Alexis Dodson

Gabriel Escobedo

Maria Espinoza

Chloe Fonge

Ethan Kautzky

Morgan Kenneavy

Olivia King

Jorge Lagunas-Delgado

Tenley Linstad

Ruby Cortes

Kristine Price

Wayne Ha

Steve Stern

Bruce Fraser

Scott Schultz

Chris Ranallo

Ken Ruffalo

Quyen Huynh

Meghan Hill

Jeffery Glogowski

Tom Kraus

Elizabeth Freed

Matthew Love

Terry Phelps

Kelli Starck

Jaqueline Baker

Adam Camp

April Sonnefeldt

Brynn Losselyoung

Gino Martino

Elias Mull

Quinlin Neuhaus

Natasha Owens

Fabian Quinto

Bradley Reimer

Ariana Rivera

Noah Roberts

Netzahualcoyotl Rodriguez

Isaac Romero

Myla Roundy

Tiffany Sanchez

Lauren Takeda

Colin Tarr

Hera VanHooser

Calleigh Wallace

Ethan Weaver

Andrew Weinert

Addie Williams

Andrew Wong

Trevor Zielke

Influential Educators

Heidi Ochsenschlager

Mrs. Andres

Fabiola Alexander

Bill Stanley

Elizabeth Freed

Valerie Heinkel-Bollero

Coletta Forster

Ms. Yancy

Mark VanSlyke

Eduardo Navarro

Morgan Smith

Adam White

Nicole Faulstich

Leslie William

Ryan Gatbunton

Madison Mikos

Stephen Freitag

Mike Runge