Community Giving Campaign


Much like the A+ Foundation’s $1.29 Employee Giving Campaign, we would like to extend an opportunity for our West Aurora school community to be part of this year of giving too.

The A+ Foundation looks to you, our benefactors – supporters – cheerleaders, to assist us both financially through donations and physically through volunteering time and talents. This year has not been an easy one. With the many concerns about health and the economy, the promises of ‘getting back to normal are on all our minds and we all hope for the promise of a brighter future because sometimes, a promise is all we have to hold onto in tough times. We need promises to keep us moving forward and keep us centered, realistic and hopeful. It is through your generosity that we can keep those promises to our students, our alumni, our staff and teachers, our donors, and our community.

A+ promises to commit to the success of our District, our teachers, and, most of all, our students through a variety of programs, grants, and donations.