The A+ Foundation began in 1992 as the Foundation for West Aurora Schools, with a small group of community members and administrators coming together to develop an organization that provides additional resources to the students, staff and community of District 129. In 2008, the Foundation for the West Aurora Schools and the West Aurora High School Alumni Association merged to form the A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools.
The A+ Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports and assists alumni and raises money to enhance the opportunities of the students and staff of School District 129.
The goals of the A+ Foundation are to enrich the curriculum of West Aurora School District 129, inspire excellence in students and staff, expand opportunities for community involvement and foster alumni connections.
The Mission of A+ is to support and promote educational, cultural and charitable programs for the students and alumni of School District 129. Support is provided through grants, programs and scholarships to enhance lifelong learning opportunities for recipients.
Donations to the A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools Administrative Endowment Fund benefit the District 129 community in perpetuity. Only the interest earned by the fund is distributed. The principal remains intact as a permanent resource for the future.
The A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools also is responsible for the support and endorsement, and in some cases the oversight and grant management, of the following charitable funds which are administered by the Community Foundation:

In 2009, the A+ Foundation launched a unique opportunity for donors to connect directly with classroom needs. The Fund-A-Need program enables School District 129 teachers and staff to promote the needs of their students on the A+ Foundation website. Donors then are able to choose and fund those needs directly.

To learn more about this exciting program and to review the variety of proposals, please visit the website of the A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools. Information on ways to donate to this program also is available on the school foundation’s website.