Board of Directors

A+ Foundation Officers

Don Pilmer

Kerry Proczko
Vice President

Ingrid Roney
Executive Director

Randi Ochsenschlager
Secretary and Director

George Malina
Treasurer and Director

A+ Foundation Directors

Dr. Jeff Craig
Superintendent of Schools 

Scott Voris
Director of Sponsorships

Rich Kerns
Director of Fundraising

Dave Richert
Director- Alumni Relations/Reunions  

Donna Letzter
Director-Events Planner

Whitney Martino
Assistant Principal of Curriculum 


Neal Ormond
At Large-Board/Alumni Relations-Key Alumni

Linda Pilmer
Director- Hall of Honor

Stan Rayford
Director-At Large/Marketing Plans

Debbie Steinheimer
Director of Recognition

Randy Steinheimer
Director of Recognition

Johnna Mortenson
Director of Social Media and PR

Juan Thomas

Ralph Voris
Director- Nominating Committee

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Ingrid Roney

Executive Director A+ Foundation